Friday, June 9, 2017

Diary......June (1)


                                                                                   Five on Friday  
                                                                               Saturday's Critters
                                                                               I'd Rather B Birdin
                                                                                Hello, Friends! 
                                                                                  I am back.
                                                         My diary pages should start from the beginning  of May.

                                 In the sunny day of May, I took photos of these sweet sparrows on the 11th floor terrace 
                                 of the Osaka Station building. The terrace is also named "Garden of the Wind".
                                                                  With the sun showering on the  garden,                 
                                                 many sparrows enjoyed the open air space, bathing in the pond.                


                                                 A friend of mine, who has a large bamboo wood, sent me bamboos this spring too.
                                     After much peeling, then boiling in a large pan until soft, various recipes are possible.                                                                                                             

                                                                              This is  one of the recipes " Bamboo rice". 

                                                           My  long favorite  wooden  bowl  comes on the table for the  rice today.  
                                                          This is a Japanese Lacquer Wajima. 
  It needs a bit of care to keep it and make it last a long time because of the delicate material,
 but age brings its own particular beauty. 
 Wajima lacquer is here.


                                                                       My mother  in Tokyo moved to a nursing home May 8.
                                                        This is the water painting my mother painted when she was 87.                                                                                                   She no longer paints, but she is still happy with her paintings.
                                                         My sister and I displayed her painting in her new room.   

                                                                                                          i phone


                                                                                                      Thank you for visit.

                                                                              Until next Time!


I'd Rather B Birdin


  1. What marvellous photos. I hope your mother soon settles in the nursing home, it isn't always easy moving an older person to a new place. Nice to see you again.

  2. Gorgeous sparrows. I love the one bathing. And your rice bowl is superb. Such a lovely colour.

  3. Wonderful post!
    Happy weekend

  4. Welcome back. As usual your photos are marvellous.

  5. The 3rd shot, "Sparrow" is great!.
    The 4th and 5th (chap. 2 & 3), "Bamboo Rice" are so and so good!!!.
    ... A mother ... Take care.

  6. Your mother's painting is beautiful, Tomoko.

    Your photos of the bathing sparrow are great! Love them.

  7. I think the sparrow has the right idea. Fun to see the birds in the water. they seem to have so much fun. Your Wajima bowl is beautiful. Loved seeing the bamboo and bamboo rice! Loved your Mother's water-color. Happy Friday!

  8. I'm happy to see you here and now again with your wonderful and amazig Japan-photos!

    What a sweet sparrow! You caught the scene great! A wonder of little big unbounded universe!

    The bowl is so noble, colour and form. Special Japan style!

    And last not least the beautiful big talented watercolour of your revered old mother, with the real flowers beneath! You worship your mother with deep heart and high love. I whish her and you, that she will have a blessed and good and shining time in her new home.

  9. Darling bird...especially loved seeing his bath! And the bamboo rice is an interesting dish. Your Mother was such a talent in her younger days!

  10. Lieve Tomoko,
    Ik ben blij dat je weer terug bent,en we kunnen genieten van je mooie foto,s.
    Mooi het musje dat aan het baden is,met zijn oogjes dicht.
    hoop dat je moeder het naar haar zin heeft,en zo mooi haar schilderij!!
    fijn dat zij er van kan genieten!
    groetjes Christiene.

    Dear Tomoko,
    I'm glad you're back, and we can enjoy your beautiful photo,s.
    Beautiful the bath that is bathing with his eyes closed.
    Hope your mother likes her, and so beautiful her painting !!
    Nice that she can enjoy it!
    Greetings christiene

  11. Wonderful photos of the sparrows!
    Your mother's painting is beautiful
    Have a great week-end!

  12. Hello, I just love the bowl and the pretty watercolor painting. The sparrow bathing is cute, great captures. I hope your mother enjoys her new room, I know it can be a hard time. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday! Wishing you a happy weekend!

  13. 5月のビルの11階のテラスでは流れる風も心地よかったでしょう。水浴びの雀は可愛い!しぶきと共にナイスショット!都会の雀も都会生活を楽しんでますね。塗りのお椀は素敵な色でいい光沢。しまいこんでおかずに大事に使われてきたんでしょう。お母さまも思い出の絵と共に新しい場所でお健やかにおられますように。

  14. Wow Tomoko, I too so love the beautiful delicate painting your mother created! She must be a special woman, I wish her health and many more years... I love all your photos, the bowl is pretty, the rice looks delicious.
    I liked the playground in your previous post with the colorful spring tulips.
    Have a great July! :-)

  15. You've shared some wonderful photos today. I enjoyed visiting with you so much. I dabble in art myself [you can see some of my work on my personal blog] at so I appreciated your showing us the painting.

    Thanks for linking in and sharing your experiences and photos with us at I'd Rather B Birdin'!!

  16. the sparrow is quite adorable, with the floral background. they don't get enough credit for their beauty, their markings and feather pattern are extraordinary!!!

    beautiful painting that your mom created!!!

  17. こんばんは。漸く復帰ですね。筍ご飯美味しそうですね。お母様の水彩画も素敵です。

  18. love the splashes :) Makes me smile :)

  19. Hi Tomoko, lovely shots of the our garden today they are very busy and noisy!
    Bamboo rice looks intriguing. Your mother's painting is lovely and delicate,
    it will be comforting for her to have it near.

    Wishing you a happy week,

  20. Your mother's painting is beautiful! Great sparrow photos as well.

  21. What a beautiful picture your mother did! What a clever lady. I think you have inherited her artistic streak because I love the photo of the bathing sparrows. I didn't think at all about eating bamboo, until I remembered that in chinese restaurants here there are bamboo shoots in several of the dishes. I never could digest Chinese food (I think maybe the soy problem) and so I have not eaten bamboo shoots for so many years - but when I was very young I had them and I think they were rather nice....

  22. My, a gorgeous bowl for your rice. Your mother's artistic talent is evident and I hope she is happy in the nursing home?
    We had a speaker at our garden club meeting last night on Zen gardening. He travelled to Japan with the International Landscape Association and mentored with some artisans while there. His photos and explanations of gardens etc. was very interesting. He never mentioned that bamboo was eaten, only how it plays a roll in many aspects of gardening.

  23. Beautiful pictures, bamboo rice looks quite interesting.

  24. Hello Tomoko,
    Nice to read your posts again :)
    Maybe you already know that I very like the birds.
    Your capture moment about the bathing sparrow is great.


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