Thursday, June 22, 2017


                                                                                 Willy Nilly Friday

                                                                                    Hello, Friends!

                                                  Osaka Station is the biggest and busiest one in Western Japan.
                                If you walk around Osaka station, you will be amazed at the number of trendy shops.
                       Besides the shops, you can also enjoy other areas with various features such as Japanese-style gardens,
                                              seasonal flower beds, small farms and streams on the upper floors.  
                                                                            It is an oasis in the busy town.

                                                   This is the hydrangea on the 11th floor of the station building.

                                                                                                  People enjoy the fresh open air. 

                                                     the Japanese-style garden on the breezy plaza on the 11th floor.
                                                                 Several gardeners work in shifts every day.
                       Coincidentally, I see her every time I come here.I enjoy chatting with the gardener when I meet her here.

                                                                            can see birds bathing on the stream!

                                                               Look at me!

                                                                                    We can Jump like this!!

                                                                             These are  the sparrows living  around the station!



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  1. Wonderful place and so interesting area to admire, to enjoy nature at the 11th floor of the station building. Lovely aspects captured, as always; so beautiful hydrangeas, roses and cute little birds. Especially, the pretty one who is taking a quick bath on the stream.
    Best regards and a very nice day and weekend, too! Alexa

    1. I stopped to say hello and to thank you for your recent visit on my blog! Best regards and a lovely July to you! A great new week ahead, as well! Alexa

  2. Hello dear Tomoko!
    Beautiful hydrangeas, roses, birds. I'm delighted with your photos.
    They are excellent.
    Blessed days.

  3. It is a huge station for sure, Tomoko.

    The birds are beautiful. Great action!

  4. Hello Tomoko, I was thinking of you today so I thought I'd visit. What wonderful action shots of the birds bathing! My favorite gardens are always the serene Japanese gardens. My own gardens are green and growing with a few poppies and yarrow blooming. We had late snow this spring, so I had white on the gardens until the second week of June. My best to you and your Family.

  5. Hello Tomoko, The architecture of the station buildings looks smart, but it must be a busy place. It's good that there are gardens where one can sit and relax. Japanese gardens have a peaceful atmosphere and the faithful garden team help to create these special areas. Great shots of the birds. Wishing you a good day.

  6. I love these flowers and plants, and I see, that Japan people worship them deep in their hearts, being quiet and peaceful in the middle of all those flourishing miracles.
    Oh the sparrows! I ask how you could catch so sweet moments!

  7. Hello Tomoko,

    Looks like a beautiful garden to relax and enjoy all the beauty. Love the pretty hydrangeas and the sweet birds playing
    have a lovely weekend

  8. Lovely shots. I really like those hydrangeas!

  9. こんばんは。日常のちょっとした事に気を付けると、人生がとても豊かになりますね。11階にさく紫陽花、とても優雅です。

  10. Beautiful shots!
    Happy day Crissi

  11. A beautiful artificial garden.
    But, I like more natural. :)

  12. Beautiful gardens, and I love the bird photos!

  13. That does look like a lovely garden to enjoy. I feel honored when I get to glimpse a bird bathing. Our forest birds are quite shy so I don't see it often.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. ... Tomoko, these are fabulous images!

  15. Isn't it wonderful that there are roof top, or high balcony gardens for people to enjoy? The one you photographed looks like a good place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the plants.

  16. Hello, the garden space outside the building is wonderful. Beautiful flowers. A pretty spot to relax. Love the shots of the sparrows bathing, they look like they are having fun. Great series of photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  17. Ha Tomoko,
    een mooi post,Japanse tuinen prachtige blauwe bloemen.
    De vogeltjes aan het baden,dit is genieten
    dit te zien, mooie foto,s Tomoko.
    wens je
    een mooie week!
    Groetjes Christiene.

     Ha Tomoko,
    A beautiful post, Japanese gardens beautiful blue flowers.
    The birds are bathing, this is enjoyable
    See you, nice picture,s Tomoko.
    wish you
    A nice week!
    Greetings Christine    

  18. What a beautiful post!The hydrangeas are stunning!Great garden,great pics!Hugs.

  19. Such a beautiful relaxing landscape around the Osaka station, dear Tomoko! Love the birds bathing the little puddles, so wonderfully captured the sparrows. I could even spot a halo of water in the first shot!

  20. when it comes to water birds need a bath, but mostly they seem to do it for fun

  21. I agree with Nature Footstep above....seems the birds so enjoy the bathing...for fun!! You've captured the action of the sparrows wonderfully!!!

    Thanks again....Sharing with us at I'd Rather B Birdin' is always appreciated.

  22. Dearest Tomoko,
    What a joy to read this post; like being there in person.
    You tell it so vividly and your photos complete the image.
    I'm so proud of the Japanese as their gardens are superb, as well as their eye for detail and environment.
    For creating such a natural environment on the 11th floor is artwork!
    Sure, it takes lots of manual work for having it look this perfect; all the time but it is worth it.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  23. You capture such amazing beauty . . . Thank you for sharing.

  24. Impeccable man made beauty using natures gifts! Just to sit there to enjoy and relax... with much appreciation and a thankful heart! Greetings Tomoko! :-)

  25. Hello Tomoko!:) Thank you for your visit.:)Lovely images of the gardens and birds bathing. I know Osaka railway station, as hubby and I visited Japan in 1970,and we were impressed with the rapid trains, the comfort inside the compartments, and the orderly way people boarded them. Your gardens gave us immeasurable pleasure too, and everyone we met was so courteous, and kind. A wonderful experience!:)

  26. 紫陽花のアレンジが素敵、小鳥も人々も思い思いに都会の高層庭園でいい時を過ごしているのが見えます。お気に入りの場所での四季折々の写真を楽しんでね。

  27. what a great place to enjoy the sunshine...the birds made me smile, they are really having fun aren't they?! i love japanese gardens...when we lived in missouri there was one in springfield that i loved to visit...they are so peaceful! i wish we had one here! thank you so much for linking up with willy nilly this week tomoko! i hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

  28. What a charming place! I wish I had explored it more when I was in Osaka. I only thought about getting back to my hotel room, how silly of me not to look UPWARD! In Osaka I visited a wonderful department store and centre, with an art gallery high up and also gardens. Sky gardens are a splendid idea. I hope you are keeping well Tomoko!

  29. That garden on the 11th floor, that is amazing!

  30. Hi Tomoko, it certainly looks cool on these terraces and the plants amazingly fresh and cared for.
    Feels like being always grounded. Lovely photos!

    Wishing you a happy week,

  31. What a lovely place. That Hydrangea is gorgeous. Loved the birds, they look very comical.

  32. How nice to have gardens even on the 11th floor. I really enjoyed your bird shots

  33. The gardens and the stream are on the 11th floor? i can hardly believe it!


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